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KPTC Service Leadership Committee

The KPTC Service Leadership Committee is comprised of members from the Service Leadership Programs sponsored by local Kiwanis Clubs in support of The Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center.

The members are students from:

  1. Circle-K Clubs, which are the college level of Kiwanis sponsored clubs.
  2. Key Club, which is the high school level of Kiwanis sponsored clubs.
  3. Builders Club, which is the middle school level of Kiwanis sponsored clubs.
  4. K-Kids, which is the elementary school level of Kiwanis sponsored clubs.
  5. Aktion Club, which is an adult with disabilities Kiwanis sponsored club.

This committee supports the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center (KPTC) in its fund raising efforts to support Cohens Children's Hospital and Stony Brook University Hospital in treating children with traumatic injuries.

Some of the members are also educated in Safe Kids Training to go out into the community to teach young children important safety lessons.

The lessons range from the importance of hand washing, street crossing, bicycle and helmet wearing, fire, calling 911, swimming and water and distracted driving.

The fund raising efforts and generous donations from others has provided the KPTC Service Leadership Committee with tools to help spread the awareness of safety to many children and their parents and guardians.

The members of the KPTC Service Leadership Committee elect a chairperson and secretary to conduct meetings and distribute information to the committee members and the KPTC foundation president.

Each member of the committee has a say in what projects, fund raisers and events the committee will do.